Oyster Cribs


Here will be my extensive autobiography, but Iā€™m not there yet. Instead, here is a Soviet joke.

A man dies and gets to heaven. He meets Peter the Apostle.

The man: sorry to bother you, but I have one question.
St. Peter: Yes, of course.
M: I lived a long life, but I still didn't understand one thing. 
Tell me, what was the purpose of my life?
P: Do you really want to know that?
M: Absolutely.
P: Do you remember when you went for vacation by train Moscow-Kransodar in 1973?
M: Umm... well..
P: And you also met some fellow travellers in the compartment. 
M: Yeah, I guess so...
P: And you went to the dining car together.
M: Yes...
P: And by the next table there was a woman.
M: Perhaps..
P: And she asked you to pass her some salt. 
M: And I passed her the salt.
P: And you passed the salt.
M: Yes, I did.
P: Here you are...