This is my first blog post about the work progress.

The first week was somewhat introductory, the official work period hasn’t started yet, so I worked around 2-3 hours a day at my own pace, and the result of my work is the following commit. I started forming CWL wrappers from CNVkit, added new basic parameter types, argparse actions, improved jinja2 templates, added support for Python 2 & 3. So far everything goes well, I didn’t encounter any major difficulties, however the most interesting part is ahead.

On the next week, I plan to start full-time work and get close to 35-40 hours a week, working 4-5 hours on working days and 7-8 on weekends. I intend to finish automated wrapping for CNVkit and continue covering new argparse API. Besides, there is an interesting topic I would like to write a post about later: showing which CWL concepts can be covered by argparse and which not. This post will then serve as a guide for people who write tools from the start, so their CWL wrappers contain as much automatically parsed information as possible. I will write some thoughts on it in the next week report.